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Waist Fit

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In order to better help with questions about measures, this measuring tape was invented especially for you waist, which can help you when choosing the right size for pants and shorts.
Based on the measurements of the front and back rise, which the measure varies from product to product, now you can measure your waist according to your needs.

This measuring tape is a brand new idea never created before, and for being a new products on the market, we are still in the testing phase with this first version.
For this reason it was made very simple, we ask for everyone's understanding.
This measuring tape is in centimeters only, and can also be used at any store that offers the measures of the Front and Back Rise and Waist.

If you are interested in receiving the WAIST FIT® measuring tape, click here or send us your Full Name, Address and Phone number using the contact form.

NOTES: Only one per person.
For Overseas clients, it's only possible to send the measuring tape for FREE with existing orders that have not been shipped yet. Don't forget to request the "Waist Fit" with your next order.

How to use WAIST FIT®

First check the measurement chart of the product that you want to buy (pants or shorts) and follow the instructions illustrated below.
Measures may vary from product to product, it is necessary to adjust the Waist Fit ® measurement each time in case of a different product.

The measures obtained with the Waist Fit ® measuring tape are only a reference. It must be the customers choice when selecting the size of the item.You should consider some important factors such as whether the product has elasticity, and your option for chosen (tight or looser).

Lets say that your waist measurement indicated 80cm, and the product you are looking at has a stretch material (elasticity), for a tighter fit opt to choose a size that is a little smaller than your waist measurement.
If your waist is 80cm like on this example, and if you choose the product that has 76cm but stretchable, the 76 will fit tight like the ideal Brazilian style, not so loose not so tight.
Those who prefer to wear more tight can choose a smaller size, and for those who prefers not so tight or loose opt for a larger size, you can choose 80cm or more for a looser fit, but don't forget to check the maximum elasticity allowed, shown on the product information for elasticity.
Waist Fit Waist Fit Waist Fit

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About the product

WAIST FIT® is a registered trademark of SANNA'S CO., LTD.
This product is patented by SANNA'S CO., LTD. (Patent 5152907)