Depil Bella Water Soluble Warm Depilatory Wax - Natural - 300g

Depil Bella Water Soluble Warm Depilatory Wax - Natural - 300g

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Made in Brazil
Caution: If skin irritation develops, discontinue use.
Validity: 2025/05
Product Code: U172

Economical, Efficient and Versatile. Depilation with Natural Hydrossoluble Wax is quick, practical and cost-effective.
In the end, the residues are easily eliminated with water. Vegan product, 100% natural, sugar-based and without animal products.
Surprise yourself with soft, hydrated skin free of unwanted hair.
More comfort when shaving its smooth texture has high spreadability, involves the hair more and does not adhere to the skin, thus facilitating the removal of all types of hair.

REMOVE WITH SHEETS: For this method of depilation, it is necessary to use a false fabric sheet to apply and remove the hair.
Depilatory sheets are sold separately
How to use:
1)Clean the area to be waxed and dry it well.

2) Test the temperature of the wax by applying a small amount to the forearm. If the temperature is comfortable for the skin, proceed with the application. Do not apply the product if it is liquid.

3)Using a spatula, apply a thin layer of wax onto the skin, in the direction of hair growth.

4)Place the depilatory sheet over the wax, and press it to adhere to the wax.

5) With one hand, stretch the skin and, with the other, remove the scarf, pulling quickly and in the opposite direction to hair growth. Do not reapply the wax more than twice in the same region. If you cannot completely remove the hair, do not reapply it more than twice in the same region. never try to shave the whole area at once.

6)Use a depilatory sheet moistened with water to remove possible wax residue from the skin.

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