Privacy Policy

This Website is owned and operated by SANNA'S. SANNA'S is committed to protecting your privacy, while enabling you to use its interactive facilities.
Access to this Website is conditional upon you accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy. By using this Website, you are providing your consent and agreement to the collection of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
SANNA'S want you have great satisfaction in visiting our site and knowing that your trust on your information provided is secure.
Personal information may be asked in any places of this site to verify your identity and guarantee your participation in sales and our newsletter.
All information provided will be secure and it will be used solely for your identification, the delivery of your products, newsletter sending and the acknowledgement receipt of the orders.
Your personal information is collected by SANNA'S only when you provide such information. This personal information may include your name, address, telephone number, email address, age, employment and gender.
SANNA'S collects this personal information for the following purposes:
(a) to provide you with a variety of personalised services that are not available to anonymous users, and (b) to provide you with SANNA'S Newsletter information .
You are not required to provide your personal information to SANNA'S. However, if you choose not to provide your personal information to SANNA'S, you will not be able to access the interactive facilities on SANNA'S Website. Furthermore it is obligatory to ordering, without your personal information delivery is not possible.
SANNA'S will not disclose your personal information for purposes other than that outlined in Clause 1 of this Privacy Policy except in the following circumstances:
(a) Where the disclosure of your personal information is required by law; and 
(b) If SANNA'S suspects that your use of the Website is in breach of this Privacy Policy.
SANNA'S will take reasonable steps to keep secure the information that it holds about you. However, due to the inherent risk in transmitting information across the internet, SANNA'S can not guarantee that your personal information will always be secure.
SANNA'S and its employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your information. 
All the pages that collect information like contact, order, change and devolution, bbs, are cryptographic pages, certify these pages start with https://, and the indentification lock SSL is showed on the corner of your navigator.
If you are using a public computer, like internet cafe, or sharing any equipment with other people, we recommend you to disconnect and close the window of your navigator when your work is finished, so you may guarantee your privacy of your personal information.
See below how to view a security page in your browser, highlighted in green.
SANNA'S sends newsletters with news and sales information only at the request of customers registered through the site. The newsletter can be cancelled by registered customers at any time through the same webpage.
Cookies are a file with a special text of website that can send to your navigator software and can be read only by the sender's website. Cookies allow the site to personalize information to you, based in your navigator preference.
SANNA'S use cookies to implement the necessary resources for the shopping cart. If you cancel the cookies in your navigator software, you can access our site normally otherwise it is necessary to fill your personal information when you buy our products.
SANNA'S also can use cookies to track your visits in our site, knowing where are the places that need to be better, wishing a better service for our customers.
Although our servers may automatically register your IP address, this information might not identify you personally and you continuous to be anonymous, except when you are buying or sending a message by BBS or Contact, these case your IP address is registered as a guarantee, but it is soon deleted as soon as the process is concluded.
If you have any concerns regarding the use of your personal information by SANNA'S, please contact SANNA'S.
This Privacy Policy only applies to SANNA'S Website and not to any websites linked to the SANNA'S Website. You acknowledge that SANNA'S has no control over the linked websites and SANNA'S does not accept responsibility for the conduct of companies linked to its website. SANNA'S recommends that you view the Privacy Policy contained on each of the linked websites.
SANNA'S will continuously review our Privacy Policy to ensure that your privacy is protected. SANNA'S suggests that you review its Privacy Policy from time to time to see whether amendments have been made to the Privacy Policy. If you continue to use SANNA'S Website after amendments have been made to the Privacy Policy, your actions will be taken to constitute your acceptance of the amendments.
If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at SANNA'S Customer Center, by the section CONTACT.
Last review: 2007/11/01