Air Stocking

Air Stocking - Silk powder and rich moisturizers designed to finish your legs flawlessly.
Beautiful Leg Foundation. Wish to beautify your legs as if wearing a pair of pantyhose but without the hassless of putting one on?

Point 1 - Spray-on foundation for legs that allows skin to breathe.
AirStocking was first created when a woman commented, "I don't like to show my bare legs but I want to wear sandals and show off my pedicure.
AirStocking is a "Beautifying leg foundation" which instantly enhance the charisma of your legs just by spraying on it directly.
Point 2 - Different types of AirStocking for every occasion.
Our wide range of AirStocking collection caters to every of your occasion. Starting off with classic and elegant we have Premier Silk, smaller version of it would be QT which is compact and portable, Diamond Legs the alluring and glamorous.
Point 3 - Wide variety of colors.
There are 8 different AirStocking color variations that allows you to freely change the color of your legs to suit your mood, outfit and destination.
Point 4 - Major attention from internacional media. Popular with celebrities worldwide.
AirStocking has been praised by international media outlets such as Vogue, Elle and the New York Times. AirStocking, the super leg foundation of celebrities all over the world, is exported to Asia, America, France, Italy and the Middle East.
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