Airskin® is a new idea for a 'Wrapping foundation'. It is a foundation which gives an gives finish and, unlike current beauty liquids and powders, possesses excellent coverage potential, water resistance and doesn't rub off easily.

Keeping you always beautiful

At swimming

at running

to the party

at hot springs

Whats's AirSkin?

AirSkin® is a cover foundation that is affixed on the skin, and it covers parts you want to hide such as bruises, spots, surgery scars, wound scars, and tattoos.
AirSkin® is a cover foundation that is neither a powder nor a liquid; it is a skin color film that is directly applied to the skin. Because the several micron-thick film is transfer printed, it does not feel pasted on and it looks natural. Even compared to our previous foundations, it is even better in coverage, water resistance, wear resistance, and durability.

What is transfer printing?

A departure from traditional methods which involve printing directly upon an object, transfer printing is a technique where a layer of film or other material is printed in advance, and the printed layer is then subsequently transferred to the object.
Types of transfer printing include pressure transfer, where the image is rubbed from the transfer paper onto the surface; water transfer, where the ink layer is separated using water; and heat transfer, where heat dissolves the adhesive layer to transfer the image.
AirSkin uses the water transfer method: the skin color is printed onto the release paper, and after the skin color adheres to the skin, the starches in the release paper dissolve with water, and the AirSkin transfers to the skin.

How to use

1) Take the sebum and dirt of the surface I want to clean.

2) Was peeled off the transparent separator, you can paste the stripped surface.

3) Included plenty of water or lotion to release paper.

4) After pressing firmly 30 seconds, you can peel off while shifting.

Color Variation

Currently, we strive to develop eight colors. Please choose according to your color and your convenience of your skin.
* The monitor settings, there may be the appearance of the color is different from the actual color.